Supplier Due Diligence
Powered by AI
Esgerā€™s AuditSense AI enables teams to process and analyze supplier audit reports 10x faster, assigns a risk score to suppliers, and generates Corrective Action Plans seamlessly
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AI-powered Supplier Due Diligence
Flag Supplier Non-Compliances and Risks in Minutes
Esger extracts and organizes all useful information in audit reports and flags risks in minutes. No more spending hours locating information!
Analyze All Audit Schemas
Esger can analyze all major audit schemas such as RBA, BSCI, Fair Trade USA, and SMETA. OurĀ AIĀ Engine can even extract information from unique company schema.
Assign a Supplier Risk Score
AuditSense AIā€™s proprietary risk scoring framework consists of indicators that are aligned with all major standards.
Generate Corrective Action Plans
Send out detailed, AI-generated CAPAs to medium and high risk suppliers.

Supports All Major Languages

With Esger, languages are not a bottleneck anymore. Our AIĀ Engine can understand and analyze all major languages.

Manage All AuditĀ Reports in One Place

Have a centralized hub to easily manage all supplier audit reports with hassle-free onboarding

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Backed by Top Institutions
Backed by the top institutions in theĀ U.S, the team behind Esger has rich experience in cutting-edge data science, AI, and sustainability.
Our Team
Customer first is Esger's core principle. To practice this principle, we invite all customers to directly contact the Esger leadership team. We are committed to assist you in the supply chain sustainability journey!
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Chief Executive Officer
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Chief Operating Officer
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Chief Product Officer